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Where Medicine & Law Meet

The firm of Nauts McKinney Dwaihy & Beach is dedicated to defending medical malpractice claims. We take great pride in both our medical and our legal knowledge. Our deep understanding of these dual disciplines distinguishes us from other firms. Because of our mastery over the medicine and the law, we have garnered a well-earned reputation for successfully defending our clients.


Our attorneys understand all facets of healthcare law and possess extensive medical knowledge. This intellectual synergy allows our team to quickly identify the key issues–both medical and legal–of every case we see. We then map out the most successful pathway to success based upon this understanding. NMDB has handled every sort of claim that can be brought against a healthcare provider.

We are ready for anything.


NMDB knows that in some cases, a final order is not the end of the case. Our dedicated appellate team works seamlessly with our trial attorneys to protect your interests and obtain the right result at every stage of the proceedings.

Our Team

The best defense is team-based. Individuals seamlessly working together, meticulously attending to the many facets of your case. This is why NMDB works as teams, assembled from our most powerful asset: Our people.

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